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17 Jan. 2020 / 18:40

The prosecutors appealed the case of the former head of the PA, Viorel Morari

The General Prosecutor's Office (PG) contested the conclusion of the Chisinau Court (Ciocana's office) on January 13, by which the prosecutor's request for the preventive arrest regarding the former head of the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office (PA), Viorel Morari, was partially admitted, reads a statement issued by General Prosecutor's Office.

PG claims that the necessity to place him in preventive arrest is dictated by the seriousness of the criminal offenses, the social resonance of the case, the circumstances that could cause the person to prevent the prosecution, the possibility of avoiding criminal liability, including under the conditions in which the punishment for the imputed crimes provides up to six years in prison.

Also, among the arguments invoked by the prosecutors for his investigation in the arrest is the suspicion of exerting pressure on the prosecution witnesses, who were subordinates of the accused, but also the relevant expertise on the case is not yet finalized, the conclusions of which could also be influenced by the accused.

The prosecutor's appeal will be examined on Monday, January 13, starting at 1:00 pm, at the Chisinau Court of Appeal.

TRM.MD recalls that the former head of the PA was arrested on January 10 for abuse of service and false in public documents. On the name of Viorel Morari, a preventive arrest warrant was issued for 20 days, with 10 days less than the prosecutors requested.

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