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15 Apr. 2019 / 15:30

Ruslan Codreanu: The Headmaster of the Kindergarten no. 177 knew that physical violence was being applied in the institution

Director of the Kindergarten no. 177 of the capital knew that physical and psychological violence was inflicted on children in the institution. This was announced by the interim mayor of the capital, Ruslan Codreanu, who also said that the manager employed the educators, who had previously been dismissed for inappropriate behavior, reports Moldova 1.

The mayor specified that the educators involved in the scandal have not yet submitted resignations, even if they have announced on social networks that they are on strike.

Earlier, several parents protested at the City Hall of the capital, asking for authorities to be involved in the case. Director of the Kindergarten no. 177 was released from office after the report of the Psycho-Socio-Pedagogical Center revealed that the little ones were assaulted.

"There was physical and emotional aggression in that institution, blackmail, the children were scared, the children started to behave inappropriately. The director not only knew about this situation, the director was informed about this situation, the director employed the educators who had aggressive behavior towards the children. Whoever was released today is the director of the institution, Lucia Cazacu from kindergarten 177. The rest, what I just saw is blackmailing on social networks. I have not seen any request for dismissal from another educator or someone," said Ruslan Codreanu.

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