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29 Mar. 2020 / 15:40

Service 112 prepared to cope with all calls for help in Moldova

Economics and Infrastructure Minister Serghei Railean today paid a working visit to the National Single Service for Emergency Calls 112. Railean took knowledge of the operational capacity of the service to manage a large number of demands, in the conditions of the state of emergency established in Moldova.

„The quick taking over of the call and the transmission of the information to the emergency services, in order to intervene in real time, means the rescuing of thousands of lives. In the context of the state of emergency, the 112 Service is prepared to cope with all calls for help’’, said the Minister of Economics and Infrastructure.  

Serghei Railean appreciated the effort of the team of operators, which, in the present conditions, manages to cope with the large number of calls and limit the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, reads a press release of the Ministry of Economy.

“Currently, the calls through which citizens report symptoms of flu or a possible infection with COVID-19 are sent to the ambulance service and the calls on people who do not observe the self-isolation regime set by the authorities are sent to the police services. We daily receive about 8,000 calls. 50% of all calls represent calls which are not emergencies. In a lot of cases, citizens call the  112 Service, in order to learn information about coronavirus or other subjects, without having real emergencies’’, said the Director of the 112 Service Liviu Oboroc. 

Today,  29 March, the 112 Service  turns 2 years of activity.

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