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13 Aug. 2019 / 13:28

Victims of the Otaci demolished block receive compensations from the Government

The Committee for Emergency Situations convened in a meeting on 12 August to examine urgent and important issues for society, including compensation for the victims of Otaci demolished block, as well as the neighboring block, measures to combat and prevent the spread of swine fever, requests of the local public authorities on allocation of financial and material resources for liquidation of consequences of natural disasters.

The victims of Otaci receive the compensations granted by the government and are in search of residential houses. They are grateful that it had managed to solve an extremely important problem for them, according to the head of Ocnita district. As regards the second block of Otaci, adjacent to the demolished block, the technical expertise report found that the foundation ground, walls and roof of the building are not satisfactory, concluding that the operation of the building in the current state is not recommended.

Ela Malai, deputy head of the National Agency for Food Safety, presented the situation on evolution of African swine fever in the region and in our country, noting that prompt action was taken. Detailed plan on urgent measures was approved to avoid the possible serious consequences of increasing the number of outbreaks, being clearly delegated the responsibilities to the institutions and described the necessary actions to solve this extremely complicated situation.

The requests of the local public authorities regarding the allocation of the financial and material means for the liquidation of the consequences of the natural disasters were examined and it was established that a thorough evaluation of all the requests and a prioritization of the interventions are necessary. In this context, Prime Minister Maia Sandu requested the presentation of more detailed information on the requests for compensation. The prime minister also said that he regrets the fact that some district authorities make no effort to provide financial assistance to people, especially in the case of the need to eliminate the consequences of natural disasters such as the Glodeni case.

During the meeting, it was approved the release of the goods from the state's material reserves amounting to 276,680 lei in slate sheets and metal tile to liquidate the consequences of the calamities in the Glodeni district.

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