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08 Nov. 2019 / 13:00

Truck drivers protest again

Truck drivers are protesting today. They met before the Government Building and demand the resignation of the Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, Vadim Brânzan. The truck drivers are unhappy because they cannot obtain permits for the export of goods, Radio Moldova reports.

"We sit all day and think about what we do, where we go and what we eat. We came here to find some answers "Nothing is solved, only obstacles, we starve." "We got stuck. We have children at home, what we do with the kids. " "There are more than 500 transport companies in Moldova, one authorization per company." "We still need about four to five thousand Russian authorizations”, said the truck drivers.  

Five representatives of the protesters entered the Government building. The truck drivers were invited to discuss with the Minister of Economy, Vadim Brânzan. The press does not have access to this meeting.

Truck drivers protested yesterday. Contacted by phone, Brânzan's communications adviser, Alina Merlici, said that the minister was not at the office, while the truck drivers were protesting, but if they come before the Government today, the ministry is open to have a discussion.

According to a statement issued on the ministry's website, the institution informed that it had organized the meeting of the Moldovan-Russian Joint Commission in  international road transport and they addressed topics related to the current situation in  freight and people between states, additional quota of authorizations for 2019  and  preliminary quota for 2020.

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