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25 Mar. 2019 / 09:39

Drivers and freight carriers are urged to bypass Giurgiulesti and Reni Customs

Drivers and cargo carriers are urged to bypass Giurgiulesti and Reni Customs. The part of the road linking the two points is in repair. Rehabilitation works are done with EU financial support. Border Police recommends drivers to opt for "Vulcanesti-Vinogradovka" or "Mirnoe-Tabaki", Moldova 1 reports.

The customs office "Mirnoe - Tabaki" works normally and is ready to receive an additional transport stream. The news that renovations took place at the Giurgiulesti - Reni Customs Office was rejoicing the drivers.

Repair works will last eight days. These will be carried out in stages, with only one traffic band available, reserved for cars only.

"Rehabilitation works are being carried out within the project of modernization of the joint control stations Giurgiulesti-Reni and Cuciurgan-Pervomaisk on the territory of Ukraine. The budget of the project is 5.75 million euros," said Cristina Rău, spokeswoman for the Customs Service.

The border crossing points "Giurgiulesti-Reni" and "Cuciugan-Pervomaisk" are renovated with the support of the European Union, co-financed by the Government of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

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