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14 Aug. 2020 / 19:50

Study: 80% of Moldovans agree to wear masks in closed public spaces

In the Republic of Moldova, 80% of citizens agree to wear masks in closed public spaces, in means of transport and in shops. This shows the results of a study presented by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection. Another reality discovered by the survey shows that the population, although they have knowledge about the prevention of COVID-19, apply them less, especially the social distance, reports Moldova 1.

Most citizens believe that the restrictions were not lifted too soon, and almost two-thirds say they will continue to comply with prevention measures.

Thus, 33% of respondents believe that it is possible to become infected with COVID-19 and consider this serious. 23% say it would not be serious, and 61% say the virus is not dangerous.

Out of the total number of respondents, 90% know the protection measures, but do not respect them very much during visits to relatives and social events. This is especially the case with physical distancing.

Also, the level of knowledge is lower regarding self-isolation measures, wearing a mask and disinfecting the mobile phone.

During the quarantine period, 86% of respondents say they bought sanitary ware, 12% did not even intend to do so. 72% avoided people from whom they could become infected. At the same time, 17% ate more unhealthy food and 8% drank more alcohol than usual.

The survey was conducted between July 10-17, on a sample of 1,005 people from 411 localities, representative of the adult population of the Republic of Moldova, except for the Transnistrian region. The maximum error is ±3%. The study was carried out with the financial support of the European Union and the WHO Regional Office for Europe.

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