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21 Aug. 2019 / 19:52

Children’s camp from the DOR Diaspora opened in Molovata

The eighth edition of the diaspora children's camp started today in Molovata. Under this year's project, 120 children from 24 countries around the world registered under the DOR generic. They will participate in workshops on history, popular music, Romanian language, traditional cuisine, crafts and national instruments. Most of them are not for the first time and are extremely happy to return every year, reports Mesager.

“I want to learn many new things about our Moldova. All summer long I waited for this moment to come here to meet new people, to interact with them ”.  "I usually feel very good and I really like it here. I would like to return every year until I turn 18 and then as a mentor. ” "I like the camp because it is very well organized for people coming from the diaspora, who are not familiar with the Moldovan culture, there are many activities that remind them of this and makes them want to come home more”, said children.

The parents, who support the project, also had great emotions and say that it is a great way for their children to learn and know more about their traditions and origins, even if they are born in other countries.

" Over the years we have shown to the children as much as we could , about origins, roots, traditions and customs, but it is much more beautiful and more important when it is in an organized form, which we, the parents, can’t do as better as this project ”. "It is a very important project, where the children return with love, I have a child who is already in his third year in this camp, meets other children from other countries. Together, they see more places in this country” parents said.

In addition to the fun, the children will also have a very busy and diverse program.

"For the first time we'll have Romanian language lessons and history. Popular craftsmen, will make  some objects of clay, wood, traditional and specific to the Republic of Moldova, also in the program  we'll have two visits“, said Nadejda Zubco, Main consultant BRD.

"I think it is very important that these children who are now all over the world and most of them were born outside the Republic of Moldova, should  know where they come from, to know what is happening here, not least to know that exist a window of opportunity for things in the Republic of Moldova to happen well and correctly ”, said Liliana Nicolaescu- Onofrei, the minister of Education, Culture and Research.

The DOR project is an initiative of the Government of the Republic of Moldova, which consists in organizing an annual summer program for children from the diaspora of the Republic of Moldova.

The DOR program aims to strengthen the emotional, cultural and identity connections of children from the diaspora with their country of origin.

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