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29 Mar. 2020 / 12:33

Deadlines for performing criminal prosecution will be interrupted

The deadlines for carrying out the criminal investigation will be interrupted during the state of emergency, in the activity of criminal prosecution on the cases initiated up to, or during the period of the state of emergency, with certain exceptions. The decision was taken at yesterday's meeting of the Commission of Exceptional Situations, reports Moldova 1.

Also, the deadlines for examining the notifications about offenses, performing the acts of finding, solving the requests in the process of criminal prosecution, as well as the appeals will be interrupted.

Thus, the terms will continue to be taken into account from the date of cessation of the state of emergency. Exceptions from the provisions of the respective decision will be the cases in which the preventive measures or the protective measures of the victims and witnesses, those regarding the provisional application of the safety measures of medical character or those regarding the injury of the minors were ordered or proposed.

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