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17 Jan. 2020 / 11:58

Tiraspol prohibits crossing the Transnistrian border with Ukraine for vehicles with Moldovan registration plates

As of January 24, the Tiraspol separatist regime is going to forbid vehicles with Moldovan registration plates to pass through the so-called checkpoints on the Transnistrian segment of the border with Ukraine, Radio Moldova reports.

According to a statement from the alleged Interior Ministry from Tiraspol, the decision will be applied until the Chisinau authorities renounce the ban on crossing the state border of vehicles registered in Transnistria. We remind that the Border Police of the Republic of Moldova has announced that starting with January 10th, the temporary exception regarding the control measures for vehicles in the Transnistrian region of the Republic of Moldova has been stopped. This means that vehicles registered in the Transnistrian region will no longer be able to cross the state border of the Republic of Moldova.

Thus, drivers wishing to cross the state border must comply with the Law on the registration of some means of transport and the modification of legislative acts. According to the Infotag agency, the Transnistrian authorities consider that the requirements of the Republic of Moldova are a violation of the previous agreements, in particular the protocol of 2018 regarding the participation of the Transnistrian vehicles in the international traffic. Chisinau does not agree with this, because the document does not say anything about driving licenses, which must have a recognized state.

Contacted by telephone by the reporter of the Radio Moldova, the Reintegration Office informed us that it would document itself on the case and will later come with a reaction.

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