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04 July 2020 / 18:20

Day of mourning in the National Army in memory of the deceased soldier

Military garrisons lowered their flags today in memory of Major Lieutenant Ivan Ciobănică, who died on Friday, being crushed between two units of military equipment, Mesager reports.

The tragic accident took place after the officer helped the soldiers to stop an armored vehicle, which was being repaired. He was immediately transported to the hospital, but he died because of injuries. He was only 26 years old.

"We lost a soldier, a HERO! He died too young, unexpectedly fast. Today, we say goodbye to the brave comrade in Military Camp 142. The soldier will be buried tomorrow, in his native village, Dizghigea, Comrat district. Heroes never die ", wrote the Minister of Defense Alexandru Pânzari, on his Facebook page.

The Defense Minster said that he would submit the proposal for the military to be decorated with a state post-mortem distinction.

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