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16 November 2013 | 14:07
Rugby: Moldova defeated Germany
The national rugby team won the match with the squad of Germany, 30:15. President of the Rugby Federation Vasile Revenco says that it is a holiday for the Moldovan sport, it is the 5th consecutive victory, Mesager reports.
Representatives of the squad from Germany assert that it was a difficult match for them, as the Moldovan team proved to be stronger.

Moldova has 3 matches planned for April, while Germany has just 2 matches, because today s match was the strategic key of promotion in group 1A. It will allow „outlaws" fight for qualification in the World Championship. To reach this objective, our players will have to play 2 matches in summer 2014. 
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Moldova 1
TV Moldova 1 launches today, April 8, 2014, a new campaign to inform citizens about the opportunities that will arise with the signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union.
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