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08 Apr. 2019 / 12:15

Digital Development Studio at Radio Poland

A workshop on digital transformation in the public broadcasting sector took place at the Warsaw headquarters of the public radio station in Poland on April 4 and 5.

IPNA president Olga Bordeianu and Teleradio-Moldova Television Director Ecaterina Stratan participated in the regional workshop in the Polish capital - DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION INITIATIVE. The workshop discussed the process of digitization of public broadcasters, focusing on the challenges it generates and how technologies can influence the structure and culture of an organization.

The workshop is the second event of this kind, being organized by the European Broadcasting Union (UER / EBU) and brings together managers of public positions in the countries that are members of the UER, including Moldova, Lithuania, Macedonia, Latvia, Romania and Ukraine in order to share their experience in digital transformation, but also to help them understand the opportunities of the information age through their own processes of change.

Olga Bordeianu provided information about the Teleradio-Moldova Company on the stage of digitization and transformation, the proposed objectives, the acute needs of the company in this field, as well as the strategic priorities.

Several BBC, UER and Polish Radio experts participated in the event, including: Robin Pembrooke - BBC News and Product Systems Director, Sasha Scott - member of the EBU Digital Transformation Initiative. They pointed out that digital technology fundamentally alters the expectations, interaction and consumption patterns of the public, and the media must therefore undergo fundamental transformations, especially if it is to remain relevant in a competitive and changing environment.

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