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26 Jan. 2021 / 18:05

"Eurovision Song Contest 2021": Pandemic changes the rules of the game

Public Institution (IP) the Company "Teleradio-Moldova" announces the latest decisions on the participation of the Republic of Moldova in the "Eurovision Song Contest-2021". The members of the Organizing Committee of the European Song Contest (national stage) met to discuss the conditions under which the Republic of Moldova will be able to delegate its participant to "Eurovision-2021", in conditions of pandemic and restrictions that limit the capacity to organize some traditional shows.

The development of a National selection in the classic version practiced by IP the Company "Teleradio Moldova" in recent years is impossible, because it will not be possible to ensure compliance with the rules imposed by the Extraordinary National Commission on Public Health. The members of the Organizing Committee noted that only the creative staff and the minimum technical staff required to organize the pre-selection show exceed the limit imposed by 50 people. At the same time, social distancing cannot be ensured in the restricted ambiance of a television studio.

Given the fact that the artist selected at the 2020 edition did not have the opportunity to participate due to force majeure, the Organizing Committee decided that Natalia Gordienko be given the chance to represent the Republic of Moldova at the 2021 edition. According to the rigors announced by the Union European Radio and Television (UERT-EBU), the singer will present a new play and stage concept by March 8, 2021.

Due to the pandemic situation caused by the coronavirus, UERT and the local organizer in the Netherlands, which was offered the right to organize the 2021 edition under the circumstances of 2020, instituted a series of measures for the "Eurovision Song Contest-2021" to be organized. certainly. UERT has developed 4 scenarios that would ensure the organization of the contest in any circumstances:

  1. Eurovision with the implementation of the concept from previous years, nine shows, audience in the hall;
  2. Socially distant Eurovision: with numerically limited delegations and artistic groups, restrictions for the audience in the hall;
  3. An even narrower format for organizing Eurovision, with no audience in the hall, travel restrictions for some participating countries in the red zone that will evolve only on the basis of prior video recordings, without physical participation in the country organizing the contest;
  4. The most restricted way of organizing Eurovision. No audience, and all participants will compete based on preliminary video recordings.

The decision on the scenario "Eurovision Song Contest-2021" will be approved between February 3-8.

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