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22 Oct. 2021 / 14:25

Aurelian Dănilă launched a monograph in honor of master Alexandru Samoilă

A musician of great value, a vocation conductor, an artistic person and a devoted friend! Thus, we rediscover the master Alexandru Samoilă in the pages of the monograph of professor Aurelian Dănilă, which he titled "Alexandru Samoilă, Interview in two acts", Moldova 1 reports.

The book we are talking about represents the return to the destiny of a great man of culture - Alexandru Samoilă by his good friend, Aurelian Dănilă, who wrote another monograph two decades ago.

"Here in 20 years we meet again in a dialogue, in an interview, continuing what has happened 50 years after Samoilă's birth. I think the most important thing was the search, both from him as a conductor that I followed during these 20 years, and I was looking for what I could find, what he did not know alone," said Aurelian Dănilă, doctor habilitat in the study of arts.

"The book is organized in the form of an interview, i.e. a way to extract information, and we practically find out in the smallest details about the artistic life of Alexandru Samoila," said Victor Ghilaş, director, Cultural Heritage Institute.

Alexandru Samoilă expressed gratitude to the author of the monograph, Aurelian Dănilă.

"He is my closest and best friend. To gather in two books, but especially in the second, two interviews, the dramaturgy of my life, is a gift from God and a talent. My luck was that I had a friend, Mr. Aurelian Dănilă," said Alexandru Samoilă, an artist of the people.

The launch of the book took place in a mixed format.

"Through this book, Mr. Aurelian Dănilă brings home Alexandru Samoilă, a great universal conductor," said Elena Pintilei, director of the National Library.

"Our literary club Homo Esteticus aims to cover all cultural fields. This time, we have a personality about which professor Aurelian Dănilă wrote a monographic portrait," said Mihai Cimpoi, academician.

"I am glad that it is a book about my colleague, an extraordinary conductor such as Alexandru Samoilă, and I am glad for his friendship with another friend of mine, Aurelian Danilă, who is the author of this inspired dialogue," said Gheorghe Mustea, composer.

Alexandru Samoilă expressed his longing for his homeland, "the most expensive place on earth", as he confesses in the pages of this book.

"Seeing you, I feel at home, there are some emotions that break out when you are away from home. This is an old pain because I was born far from home," said the protagonist of the monograph.

Alexandru Samoilă was born on October 30, 1950 in Siberia, where his parents were deported. The talent, the work, the perseverance he showed were crowned with an exceptional career. For ten years he was first conductor at the National Opera and Ballet Theater in Chisinau, then excelled at the Izmir Theater, Turkey, and the Odessa Opera Theater. He is now the first conductor at the "Novaya Opera" Theater in Moscow. From anywhere, Alexandru Samoilă gladly returns to Chişinău.

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