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18 Aug. 2022 / 19:00

The Ministry of Finance announces how much money has been collected for the management of the refugee crisis

On the accounts opened by the Ministry of Finance, more than 162 million lei were accumulated for the management of the refugee crisis in Ukraine, according to a press release issued by the Government of the Republic of Moldova.

From this amount, in the current March-July period, over 82 million lei were allocated, based on the request, to some institutions, such as: the State Chancellery, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, the Ministry of Education and Research, the Ministry of Labour and Protection Social, Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

At the same time, the money for the management of the refugee crisis in Ukraine was allocated to the Executive Committee of UTA Gagauzia, district councils and town halls in the republic. By the current July 31, out of the amount of 82 million lei, more than 43 million lei were capitalised.

TRM.MD recalls that, currently, on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, there are more than 80 thousand refugees from Ukraine. There are 74 temporary placement centres in the country, which house over three thousand Ukrainian refugees.

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