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23 June 2022 / 12:24

Czech Republic ceases to issue visas and residence permits for citizens of Russia and Belarus

Citizens of Russia and Belarus will not be able to get visas and long-stay residence permits in the Czech Republic until March 2023. An exception will be made only for those traveling for humanitarian reasons, Radio Moldova reports.

This decision was made by the Czech government amid the war in Ukraine, at the suggestion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Russians and Belarusians with residence permits in the republic will be able to apply for their renewal "in accordance with the established regime."

The ministry's press service clarified that the measure was introduced in the interest of the Czech security and to put pressure on the Russian and Belarusian authorities until the end of hostilities. Earlier, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia stopped issuing visas to Russians.

Denmark has suspended the issuance of visas and residence permits in Russia. Norway has also announced that it will tighten visitor visa rules for Russian citizens wishing to visit loved ones.

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