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18 Aug. 2022 / 16:16

A Czech company announces its willingness to help rebuild Ukraine by applying 3D technology

A company from the Czech Republic announces its readiness to help rebuild Ukraine by applying 3D technology. This could contribute to the rapid reconstruction of war-torn cities, and the use of digital technology would minimise labour costs, offer a 70% saving in construction materials and allow the entire process to be accelerated. Until now, the Czech contractor would have delivered several concrete defence installations, Moldova 1 informs.

The company, which uses 3D printing, hopes to help renew damaged infrastructure in Ukraine. A delegation of Ukrainian experts is familiarising with this new technology.

"We will try to use this technology to make civil infrastructure defence installations and also for schools or even for bus and tram stations. In the first stage, we intend to build bomb shelters", said the director of the company Valerii Gruganovski.

The company has already delivered the first modular defence systems to Ukraine. These are anti-tank shelters. Now they are discussing ways to make houses, hospitals and schools for the country, but not through a complex import of printed components, but through on-site printing.

"The technology is brought to a special platform, on which a 3D printer is installed together with all the auxiliary devices necessary during the process, which then translates the three-dimensional digital model into reality," said the engineer of the Czech company, Marec Zloc.

This installation can build a complete off-grid house with several living rooms equipped with solar panels and a central heating system. They can be executed in numerous variations and can be positioned on any terrain. It is only a matter of time before the first ones using this technology will be built in Ukraine.

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