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09 Aug. 2022 / 16:40

Romania donated over one million potassium iodide pills to the Republic of Moldova

Romania donated over one million potassium iodide pills to our country. The information was communicated by the Ministry of Health from Chisinau. The drugs are distributed by the National Agency for Public Health to its subdivisions (public health centres), which will distribute them to health centres in the territory, at the direction of the Commission for Exceptional Situations of the Republic of Moldova. In the same way, ANSP developed an instruction regarding the administration of the medicine.

"We inform you that there is currently no radiological danger. We urge the population to remain calm," reads the statement of the Ministry of Health.

For now, the ministry has not specified how the pills will be distributed. At the same time, ANSP developed an instruction regarding the administration of potassium iodide preparations, which also includes the instructions for use from the manufacturer.

TRM.MD recalls that Romania started on Monday, August 8, a national campaign to distribute potassium iodide 65 mg, in the context in which the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) emphasised "the very real increased risk of a nuclear disaster that could threaten health public and the environment in Ukraine and not only" in the case of a nuclear incident at the Atomic Power Plant in Zaporozhye. It is located only 700 km from the Republic of Moldova.

At the same time, specialists from Chisinau City Hall and the General Directorate of Medical and Social Assistance came up with a series of recommendations for the population in the event of a radioactive leak in Zaporizhia.

Thus, they mention that a closed space is needed for shelter, closing doors, windows and ventilation ducts. Also, the ventilation systems are to be turned off.

"If you are in the car, close the windows, turn off the ventilation system and leave the affected area. Take off your clothes and put them in plastic bags. Cleanse your hair and body by washing. This precaution will remove any radioactive dust particles. To prevent the absorption of radioactive iodine by the thyroid gland, it is recommended to take potassium iodide tablets. But these pills are recommended only in case of a major nuclear accident, these pills have no preventive effect", it is mentioned in the recommendations placed on the page of the head of the General Directorate of Medical and Social Assistance, Boris Gîlcă.

He also mentioned that the Ministry of Health should come up with more clarifications on this subject: where do we get these pills, the doses required according to age and, in general, if we have enough of such preparations in pharmacies and pharmaceutical warehouses. At the same time, tell us who these preparations are not recommended for.

It should be mentioned that this May, the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations launched the Guide to actions in risk situations. The material is based on preparation recommendations for potential risk situations, actions that must be taken by people to avoid the consequences of exceptional situations, including radiological and nuclear incidents.

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