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13 Sep. 2019 / 18:28

Speech by President Igor Dodon from the UN forum will represent the common interest of citizens

The message of the Republic of Moldova to be delivered from the UN forum will be a consolidated one. Thus, the head of state Igor Dodon will present the official position of the government, agreed by all the components of the alliance. An announcement was made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs on a television station. The official believes that the speech that the president of the country will give at this forum will represent the common interest of the citizens,Mesager reports .

"President Dodon goes to the General Assembly of the United Nations as a representative of the country, and the message he will convey must represent the common interest of the citizens. We are now discussing the exact parameters of this speech and the exact theses for this forum, ”said Nicu Popescu, Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration.

Earlier, the head of state said that at the meeting with the US ambassador in our country he discussed several issues regarding his visit to the United States.

Between September 22-28, Igor Dodon will undertake a working visit to the USA, where he has scheduled a series of meetings with several officials. The speech of the head of state is scheduled for September 27. The delegation will comprise 11 people. Last time a president of the Republic of Moldova gave a speech at the UN General Assembly rostrum in 2012.

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