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21 Jan. 2021 / 17:16

Reactions after the Court declared unconstitutional the Law on the Functioning of Spoken Languages

After the Constitutional Court declared today unconstitutional the Law on the Functioning of Languages Spoken on the Territory of the Republic of Moldova, several reactions appeared on this subject.

"It simply came to our notice then. The Romanian language - the only master," said the deputy Octavian Ţîcu.

"The Party of Socialists strongly condemns the decision of the Constitutional Court, considering that the decision was politically motivated and did not correspond to the spirit of the rule of law, which had to be respected by the representatives of the judiciary and even more so by the judges of the Constitutional Court of the country," says PSRM.

"Today's decision actually sanctions politicians who want to cause chaos and division in society, without caring about the consequences," Democratic Party President Pavel Filip wrote on his Facebook page.

"I am absolutely sure that this lamentable failure of Igor Dodon and his fellows (read Moscow) to force the limits of the Constitution and to further divide society on this artificial subject will be a serious motive in the abandonment by Russian pro-government parties from the Republic of Moldova (today and tomorrow) of the argument they waved for 30 years, that we need the Russian language to understand each other - the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. For communication and understanding we have the Romanian language," commented on the socialization page, Valeriu Munteanu, the president of the Save the Bessarabia Union Party.

The law on the functioning of languages spoken on the territory of the Republic of Moldova was declared unconstitutional today. We specify that the law was voted by the Parliament at the end of last year, at the initiative of the socialist deputies and promulgated by the then president, Igor Dodon.

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