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24 June 2022 / 09:40

Vasile Puşcaş: "The European path implies the responsibility of the political class"

The status of a candidate country for the European Union (EU) offers a series of economic and financial opportunities, according to the former chief negotiator of Romania from the period when it was a candidate country, Vasile Puşcaş. In an interview given exclusively for Radio Moldova, Vasile Puşcaş also pointed out that the European path also involves the accountability of the political class and a serious commitment to the implementation of reforms, Moldova 1 TV reports.

The process of European integration is a work dedicated to the people's interest, says the former chief negotiator of Romania with the EU, Vasile Puşcaş, who states that in order to achieve this goal, the entire political class must make efforts.

"The most important thing is to have a permanent dialogue of all parties,  government and  opposition in order to go together to support the commitments and ways that the Republic of Moldova will negotiate," said Vasile Puscas.

Receiving the candidate status and starting the accession negotiations, opens a series of opportunities and access to financing that will allow the Republic of Moldova to approach the European standards of living even before the actual accession to the EU.

"Pre-accession funds are substantial and if they are taken along the path of investment for the development process, then they can also bring to the citizen the benefits of raising living standards and last but not least the chance to enter this flow of the internal market", Vasile Puşcaş added.

A seamless credibility of the Republic of Moldova would help our country in the European course, but the process must begin with the elaboration of the detailed Strategy, as well as the creation of a dedicated team of experts, pointed out the former chief negotiator of Romania for the EU, Vasile Puşcaş.

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