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13 Aug. 2022 / 16:33

Access to compensated medicines will be faster, the authorities claim. What patients say (AUDIO)

Citizens will have faster access to compensated medicines, according to the health authorities, who have expanded the list of these preparations. At the same time, the queues for investigations and medical analyses have been considerably reduced, the authorities claim. However, the citizens say that it is difficult for them to access the compensated medicines, because a prescription from the family doctor and the specialist is needed, and in some cases the process is long, Radio Moldova reports.

Patients suffering from diabetes can obtain free insulin analogs and compensated medical devices directly from pharmacies, without a doctor's prescription, says the Minister of Health, Ala Nemerenco. She specified that primary oncology patients can benefit from high-performance investigations, such as tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, in no more than five days.

In the first half of the current year, more than 595,000 people benefited from medicines compensated from the mandatory medical assistance insurance funds, increasing by almost 29 thousand compared to the same period last year. Most of them received compensated medicines for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and antidiabetic preparations.

TRM.MD recalls that as of July 1, the list of compensated drugs has been expanded. Insulin analogues have been included for the first time, and people requiring palliative care in outpatient settings have access to 11 international generic names of drugs, fully compensated.

And people with autism spectrum disorders, both adults and children, benefit from compensated medicine.

The population can also benefit from compensated medical devices, such as tests and lancets for glucose control, collecting bags for intestinal and urinary stomas.

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