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06 Oct. 2022 / 18:05

Fruits for the immune system - in great demand

Sea buckthorn, ziziphus or rose hips are the fruits of the autumn season. Specialists say that they are beneficial for the immune system, and the number of people who prefer natural remedies is increasing. The products are in great demand, and the traders do not lack buyers, reports Moldova 1.

Elena Ioniţă has been selling sea buckthorn and other seasonal apple trees for more than seven years. The woman says that fruits have the priority of being beneficial for health.

"Many prefer to buy it before the frost, when the frost hits, it has more qualities. They accumulate vitamin A to C. These, for which the price is higher, are from the garden from the people", says Elena Ioniţa.

Traders say that during this period the fruits are in great demand by Moldovans.

People say that in this season they indulge because they prefer natural treatments and remedies.

Specialists say that during this period it is necessary to consume fruits that contain nutrients.

"And in the fresh state it is good to consume and in the thermally processed state in the form of tea or jam, these apples must be consumed. If it's purple in colour, it has antioxidants and is very good for your eyesight", says nutritionist Sergiu Munteanu.

A kilogram of ziziphus can be found in the trade for 40 lei, a kilogram of sea buckthorn between 100 and 150 lei, and one of rosehips is at a price of 30 lei.

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