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04 Oct. 2022 / 18:07

Another health project funded by the Government of Japan

Another grant agreement, offered through the Japanese "Kusanone" Program, was signed in Chisinau. Thus, from this grant, the Territorial Medical Association from the Botanica sector will purchase a modern ultrasonography device, Radio Moldova reports.

The director of the institution, Marina Golovaci, mentioned that the ultrasound service is increasingly requested by the citizens. She says that this device will allow faster access to quality services for all patients, as the association serves around 210 thousand people annually.

"Purchasing a state-of-the-art performance equipment will provide patients and doctors with the opportunity to establish the diagnosis as early as possible and provide the necessary timely treatment. The ultrasound service was and remains one of the most important and most requested investigations, but this is a non-invasive, accessible one. The annual number of people who perform the ultrasound examination in our institution amounts to about 30 thousand", said Marina Golovaci

We mention that the value of the grant is 80 thousand dollars.

So far, through the Kusanone Program, Japan has financed 80 investment projects, in the total amount of about seven million dollars.

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