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02 Oct. 2022 / 17:12

With the harvest of grapes, the households in the countryside are looking for barrels

Once the grapes are harvested, the households in the country are looking for the barrels in which they will store the wine. If in previous years, wooden barrels were the most requested, now stainless steel ones are in great demand. Merchants say that these are more practical and easier to wash, reports Moldova 1.

At the wine grape fair, on Cărbunarilor Street in the capital, dozens of farmers were looking for barrels. Although they have wooden barrels at home, they say they prefer stainless steel ones because they are more practical.

Sellers say that the 20-litre barrels are the most popular. These have a lid with pressure that does not allow fermentation of the liquid. The set also includes a faucet.

"10 litres, 15 litres and 20 litres. Man can put wine, must. You put sweet juice in it, after a year, two, you take it out, still sweet. Before, people used to put in wooden barrels, but it was very difficult to wash, to turn, but now it is very easy. In two, three years, most people will switch to these barrels".

The price of a stainless steel barrel starts from 600 lei and goes up to 1,400. The price fluctuates depending on their volume and quality.

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