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09 Aug. 2022 / 15:34

Radio Moldova: The Program for retechnology and energy efficiency of businesses was launched

Increasing the competitiveness and productivity of companies in the Republic of Moldova by replacing existing equipment with modern ones, the use of innovative technological solutions, the installation of alternative energy sources - these are some of the objectives of the business re-engineering and energy efficiency program, launched on Tuesday, August 9, reports Radio Moldova.

The crises faced by the Republic of Moldova have boosted the creation of a business development program, in order to increase competitiveness and ensure technological modernization, says the Minister of Economy, Sergiu Gaibu. He stated at the program launch event that innovations are an important part of business development.

"We come with this program to help transform ideas and innovations into practice for business in the Republic of Moldova. In autumn we will come back with an innovation program, to support the researchers from the Republic of Moldova, to define these products. We have all the ingredients on this massive untapped land, we have excellent researchers, we have companies that already have high-performance products, and it is important that we unlock, put these ingredients together and export them", said Sergiu Gaibu.

The program will also finance the installation of photovoltaic panels, for the production of energy from renewable sources, mentioned the interim director of the Organisation for the Development of Entrepreneurship, Dumitru Pîntea.

"The program will finance the installation of alternative energy sources, so that the monthly bill of the entrepreneurs will decrease, taking into account that the consumption from conventional energy sources will be replaced by the production from alternative sources. The whole economy is eligible except for a few areas such as: financial intermediation activities, real estate transactions, gambling, arms trade. The three priority areas are: animal husbandry, tourism and the processing industry", said Dumitru Pîntea.

Thanks to the photovoltaic panels installed to develop a business in the wine industry, the costs for the consumed energy have been reduced to 100 percent, in the year 2022, stated the entrepreneur, Ion Luca, who previously benefited from support from the Government.

"We were among the first to install a complex system of photovoltaic batteries compared to a heat pump. In the months of April-May, for the first time I managed to see a zero bill from the electricity distributor. It is a great success for our company", said Ion Luca.

TRM.MD recalls that this program was recently approved by the Government of the Republic of Moldova. Within the program, the state will grant financial assistance in the total amount of 200 million lei.

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