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23 Sep. 2022 / 17:09

The Japanese government offered a batch of equipment and medicines, including, for the Oncological Institute (VIDEO)

The more than 400 refugees from Ukraine hospitalised at the Oncological Institute in Chisinau will continue to benefit from treatment. The Japanese government offered a batch of equipment and medicines, which will also be used for the treatment of Moldovan patients, informs Moldova 1.

The representatives of the Ministry of Health state that the Republic of Moldova cannot provide full medical care for refugees, as the pressure on the medical system during this period is still quite high.

"The Republic of Moldova, at the moment, does not have maximum possibilities to provide all Ukrainian refugees with medical services, for this reason we call on the support of the World Organization and the Governments of the states to somehow facilitate the process and today's donation is one of these stages", said the state secretary of the Ministry of Health, Ion Prisăcaru.

The donation from the Government of Japan consists of two fibre-bronchoscopes, a video laryngoscope, 25 infusion pumps, anti-cancer drugs, anaesthetics and solutions for infusions.

"After February 24, not only did we come with the decision to provide financial aid, we Japanese also started actions. We came with a decision to provide advanced medical equipment. Among the beneficiaries of this assistance is the Oncological Institute", said the Japanese ambassador, Yoshihiro Katayama.

The head of the International Organisation for Migration, Lars Johan Lonnback, claims that the help for terminally ill patients in our country will not stop here.

"The International Organization for Migration offers medical assistance and supports the continuity of care for the most vulnerable people due to the events in Ukraine. The donated medicines and equipment will ensure the continuity of oncological treatment in the Republic of Moldova", remarked the head of the IOM, Lars Johan Lonnback.

The value of the donated equipment and medicines is $230,000.

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