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28 Sep. 2020 / 18:43

Since the beginning of the year, 182 people have been raising the pensions of deceased spouses

Since the beginning of this year, 182 people have raised the pensions of deceased spouses, based on an initiative of President Igor Dodon. Through this law, the state guarantees for the surviving spouse, for a period of up to five years, the right to a monthly allowance in the amount of the old-age pension that the deceased spouse received, reports Moldova 1.

In order to benefit from this indemnity, the surviving spouse must submit an application to the Territorial Social Insurance House (CTAS) where he / she resides, to present the identity card, the death certificate and the marriage certificate.

"The deceased person must be a beneficiary of an old-age pension, under the conditions of Law 157, or through the public pension system and has not benefited from this pension for five years. A mandatory condition is also 15 years of marriage to benefit from this allowance," said the deputy head of the CNAS Olga Mihăieş.

Another condition to benefit from this money is that the monthly income of the surviving spouse should not exceed the amount of 2,647 lei. According to official data, as of July 1, 2020, 182 people benefited from such an allowance.

"The average amount of this allowance is 1,662 lei. The expenses from the social insurance budget because this indemnity paid from the means of the social insurance budget for half a year constituted 13.5 million lei. The period for which the surviving spouses will benefit from this allowance is 2.8 years," Olga Mihăieş also said.

The allowance is established from the month of submitting the application. In case the application is submitted in the month in which the husband's death occurred, the indemnity is established from the following month. The right to compensation can be claimed for three years from the date of the husband's death.

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