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08 Apr. 2020 / 16:26

"Home with Radio Moldova": Message from Spain

Our co-national Tatiana Prodan has been established in Spain for several years. She urges those at home to be responsible and to understand that everything that is happening in the world right now is not a joke and the near future, but also the distant future depends on us.

08 Apr. 2020 / 16:15

International road traffic, on the Moldovan-Ukrainian border segment, will resume from April 10

The international road traffic of passengers and goods through the state border crossing points, on the Moldovan-Ukrainian border segment "Ocniţa-Sochireni" and "Larga-Kelniţă", is resumed starting April 10 at 08:00. The announcement was made by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, Ion Chicu after the meeting of the Exceptional Situation Commission.

08 Apr. 2020 / 13:57

COVID-19 in the world

The largest Covid-19 infection outbreak at this time in the world is in the United States. In the last 24 hours alone, about 2,000 people have been infected with the virus. In the United States, the total number of deaths exceeds 12 thousand, and the number of deaths is 400,000. In Europe: Spain, France and the United Kingdom are fighting with the virus. Italy, with the passing day, has fewer and fewer deaths and illnesses. The World Health Organization claims that the pandemic peak has not been reached and warns countries not to relax the adopted restrictions, reports Moldova 1.

08 Apr. 2020 / 12:18

PDM launches campaign "Together for Doctors"

The Democratic Party of Moldova is launching a campaign to raise funds and assistance to support medical workers in the country in the fight against the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus. The campaign is titled "Together for Doctors".

08 Apr. 2020 / 10:52

The Central Military Clinical Hospital provides medical assistance to persons suspected of COVID-19

The Central Military Clinical Hospital (SCMC) provides support to strategic medical institutions in hospitalizing and testing the health status of persons suspected of being infected with the COVID-19 virus at the request of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection.

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