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Posted by: Mihaela Bucatari

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18 June 2019 / 14:55

A parliamentary inquiry commission will analyze the anti constitutional coup attempt

A parliamentary inquiry commission to elucidate the factual and legal circumstances concerning the attempt by the Democratic Party's anti-constitutional putsch made through the Constitutional Court and the General Prosecutor's Office was set up today at the plenary session.

The Committee of Inquiry will comprise nine MPs from all parliamentary factions. The chairman of the commission was elected Socialist Vladimir Ţurcanu, deputy chairman the lawmaker of the bloc ACUM, Mihai Popuşoi and Dinu Plângău was voted as secretary of the commission of inquiry.

The PDM faction has denied the delegation of its members, while the Sor Party was absent from the plenary session and did not announce its decision.

According to the draft, the commission of inquiry will engage all the responsible state authorities in its work, will hear the parties and the persons involved and will report to the Parliament within 60 days on the "factual and legal circumstances regarding the attempt of the putsch by Democratic Party, achieved through the Constitutional Court and the General Prosecutor's Office".

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