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02 Feb. 2019 / 18:01

10 singers will perform in the national final of Eurovision Song Contest 2019!

Today, at the live auditions organized by the Public Broadcaster "Teleradio-Moldova", the jury made up of music professionals - Valy Boghean, Cristina Scarlat-Girla, Andrei Tostogan, Ilona Stepan and Sandu Gorgos appreciated the voice performance of the participants and the quality of the songs.

At this stage, the criteria of appreciation were:  the melodic line, the originality of the song and the performance. Each participant was given time for the necessary sound adjustments. The singers were assigned scores from 0 to 12, and their performance war broadcast on Moldova 2 TV and online on

The jury decided to admit 10 singers  in the final stage of the contest.

Last year, DoReDos, which represented the Republic of Moldova at the international Eurovision Song Contest, won the 10th place. The band's performance was also appreciated by the organizing committee of the contest, which gave them the "The buzz award" for the best stage performance.

The 64th edition of the Eurovision 2019 Music Contest will take place in Israel. The contest will be held in Tel Aviv Convention Center and will consist of 2 semifinals, on 14 and 16 May, and the final will be held on May 18, 2019.

List of singers admitted to the final round of Eurovision 2019 in alphabetical order:


Anna Odobescu           Stay

Chirtoacă Aurel            La cinema

Coşciug Cristina           Virus

Diana Brescan              Lies

Frimu-Maria Mihaela     Olimp

Maria Gospodinova       GravitTy

Maxim Zavidia               I will not surrender

Scripcaru Marcela         Meteor

Smolenco Mihail            Sub Pămînt

Ţurcanu Vera                 Cold

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