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05 July 2022 / 15:40

The European Parliament voted to liberalise exports of agricultural products from the Republic of Moldova to the EU

The European Parliament voted today, July 5, the liberalisation of exports of agricultural products from the Republic of Moldova on the European Union market. According to the Romanian MEP, Siegfried Muresan, the proposal of the European Commission to double, for one year, the export quotas for 7 categories of agricultural products from the Republic of Moldova was voted by 572 deputies, 28 were against and 32 abstained.

05 July 2022 / 12:30

"Telefilm-Chisinau" leaves in a caravan through the localities of the Republic of Moldova

The documentaries shot at the "TeleFilm-Chisinau" studio will be shown in several localities in the Republic of Moldova. The human rights documentary caravan will take place this year, starting on July 11. The announcement was made by Mircea Surdu, the studio's director, at the show "Public Space" on Radio Moldova.

05 July 2022 / 11:18

Maia Sandu, in Athens: "Urgent solutions are needed to stop the galloping rise in prices"

The war in Ukraine, the socio-economic consequences on the neighboring countries but also on the whole world, the need to rebuild the global order, were the main topics that were discussed today in Athens, where President Maia Sandu is also present. The head of state participated in the opening of the annual round table on current economic issues "Antitheses, transformations, achievements in a changing world", organized by the publication "The Economist".

05 July 2022 / 11:07

The National Archives Agency published the lists of people deported to Siberia in mid-1949

The Nominal Lists of 99% of the persons who were deported to Siberia from the Moldovan SSR during the "South" operation between July 6-9, 1949, are available on the National Archives Agency. In total, 35,144 people that were deported were registered in the archive files.

05 July 2022 / 10:47

The second armed attack on Independence Day in the United States. Two Philadelphia cops shot

Two police officers from Philadelphia, USA, were shot on the evening of July 4, in a second armed attack on Independence Day, a few hours after a young man shot six people in a Chicago suburb and injured several others.

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