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27 Nov. 2022 / 11:18

Maia Sandu’s message to farmers: Let's make the brand "Made in Moldova" a natural thing on the world markets

The cultivation of quality products, the development of the processing branch and the promotion of the brand"Made in Moldova" on world markets are among the objectives of the Moldovan authorities, said President Maia Sandu, in the context of the Farm Workers' Day. According to the president, "in this difficult year for everyone, including farmers, the authorities have come up with several support measures for the sector".

The head of state recalled that the subsidy fund in agriculture increased to 1.75 billion lei, compared to 1.1 billion in 2021, and the subsidy allocation mechanism was improved. At the same time, she mentioned that access to subsidies for young farmers has increased and subsidies for the livestock sector have been increased.

"I thank all the farmers, big or small, for the work they do. They not only feed their family, community and country - they provide jobs for hundreds of thousands of people in our villages. I also thank those who work in the processing industry, and I encourage the entrepreneurs in this branch to apply innovative and environmentally friendly technologies, in order to bring a tasty and healthy product to the consumer's table", declared the president.

On the occasion of the farmers' professional day, Minister Vladimir Bolea also came with a congratulatory message.

"On behalf of the ministerial team, I bring you sincere congratulations. (...)We celebrate our professional holiday in a distinct way, but with the same telling connotation and against the background of the tense situation in the region, with strong consequences on agriculture and the national economy. However, it is a good opportunity to review the main successes, challenges and impediments related to agriculture that largely determine the well-being of our people", said the Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry, Vladimir Bolea.

We remind that as a sign of appreciation for those who dedicated their lives to the agricultural sector, Maia Sandu recently awarded state awards to a group of eight workers in the field.

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