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27 Nov. 2022 / 13:41

Environment Agency recommends the use of alternative means of transport to reduce the level of air pollution

Atmospheric pollution has harmful effects on the environment and on human health, this being a phenomenon that the whole world is facing. One of the main causes of air pollution is the burning of fossil fuels, informs the Environmental Agency.

Cars are the main sources of pollution, both small vehicles, heavy utility vehicles, buses and other commercial vehicles, which release tens of thousands of tons of harmful gases into the atmosphere every day. Among the most serious effects of air pollution are global warming and acid rain, reports the Environment Agency.

Air pollution has a multitude of negative effects on health. Some of these are immediate and represent a defense reaction of the body. It is about allergic manifestations, coughs, eye and nose irritations, headaches and dizziness. To prevent environmental pollution, it is recommended to use public transport. This fact would considerably reduce air pollution.

At the same time, for a more active and environmentally friendly life, specialists recommend choosing an alternative means of transport such as a bicycle or a scooter. These means of transport do not need much maintenance, and the costs do not compare to those of a car. In addition, scooters are quite fast, able to reach the same speeds as electric bicycles or gasoline scooters.

At the same time, walking is a physical activity with no impact on the environment, which can be easily incorporated into the daily routine. It's free, doesn't require sophisticated equipment or special training. All you need is motivation and a good pair of sports shoes.

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