Continuous Training Center

The Continuing Training Center was established in 2017 as a subdivision of the "Teleradio-Moldova" Company (TRM), with the aim of training and qualification of TRM employees, their continuing professional development. It contributes to the measurable improvement of the professionalism and skills of TRM employees. Its efficiency is reflected in the superior quality of media products. The Continuing Training Center has long been conceived because the professionalism and experience of many reporters, directors, producers who have been working in the TRM for a long time has to be continued and transmitted. Thanks to the support of the European Union and the contribution of the Council of Europe, it has become a reality. In total, 369 participants were trained during 2018.


23 Dec. 2021 / 14:05

În anul 2022 vom continua să oferim cursuri utile pentru dezvoltarea continuă. Dacă aveţi propuneri şi recomandări, ne puteţi contacta la