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26 Nov. 2018 / 15:27

Deutsche Welle, in partnership with the Continuous Instruction Center within the Teleradio-Moldova Company organizes training courses

Trainings for the journalists from several media institutions in the Republic of Moldova were held within the TRM Continuing Instruction Center (CIC) for three days. They were conducted by Dr. Michael Quaintance - co-founder of IQ Gemini and Dr. Anamaria Nicola - associate professor at the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences at the University of Bucharest. The two experts spoke to the participants about the ways in which the media can be watched by as many people as possible.

Dr. A. Nicola emphasized the organization of the workflow in editorial offices during digitization and evolution of technologies. The trainer talked about the importance of familiarizing journalists with alternative methods of creating and playing media, as the TV remains only a décor, or even lacking in people's homes.

The workshop by Dr. M. Quaintance was based on establishing the means by which a media product or institution can increase its number of followers. The expert argues that "the modern journalist needs to know how to use social networks for work purposes because today the public is no longer looking for information on classical media, today the public is informed from the Internet and this is a natural and irreversible process of evolution". Starting from this idea, Dr. Quaintance taught participants to use tools to know their audience and interests, but also how to use the information they get about creating captivating and watched media products.

Journalists participating in trainings claim that the proposed information was innovative and useful to a modern journalist, and the implementation of accumulated knowledge would be a professional advantage.

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