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27 Nov. 2022 / 16:43

Exhibition-fair of exotic birds at Soroca Citadel

Royal pigeons, pigeons with peacock tails could be admired at the exhibition held on Sunday near Soroca Citadel. The hundreds of birds, some more graceful than others, attracted the attention of the visitors, and the enthusiasts bought rare species of pigeons, bred in our country.

For some pigeon fanciers, taking care of pigeons is a passion passed down from generation to generation. The birds they own are decorative and only in rare cases end up on plates. The  pigeon breeders brought the most beautiful and unique specimens to the exhibition, and some exchanged birds with each other.

"I came with different species of birds and animals. It's a passion of a small child, when I was still walking under the table, I kept taking a pigeon from the neighbors and exchanging it for another, and time has shown me that this habit has remained in my blood".

"I came from Tiraspol to the exhibition and released two pigeons that settled on the Citadel. The dove is the bird of peace."

"Pigeons for me are life, I go to bed with them, I wake up with them. I have 27 species of pigeons, I also have chickens, pheasants, peacocks. For me, it's like a zoo at home."

"We released 250 pigeons as a symbol of Peace. We want the world to enjoy this event and for there to be peace in the country", said the organizer of the event, Sergiu Atamanenco.

At the pigeon exhibition organized near the Soroca Citadel, other breeds of birds were brought, as well as small domestic animals such as rabbits and otters. More than 400 pigeon fans from all over the country participated in the event.

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