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22 Oct. 2018 / 14:24

Diction training for employees at Radio Moldova

From 15 to 19 October 2018, several journalists from Radio Moldova participated in a course of diction by Carmen Ivanov, the author of the first manual of dictionaries in the Romanian space "Six sats in six bags".

During the course, the trainer shared with the participants the secrets accumulated over time and highlighted the issues that journalists should draw attention to for their voice to sound immeasurably from the speakers of the radio. Carmen Ivanov has proposed a set of practical exercises to remove various speech defects and has provided personalized advice to learners. In view of the trainer's experience, as a radio presenter, she also came up with advice on broadcasting, talking about time management, the stages of a scenario, and the distribution of information on a radio show.

"Radio presenters have the obligation to have the perfect diction, since they do not use other tools to convey a message to the listeners, and if there are gaps in speech, the quality of the message is enormous," says Carmen Ivanov.

The implementation of the knowledge gained during the course can only improve the quality of a radio product and increase the number of listeners.

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