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24 Nov. 2022 / 20:10

Better conditions for future mothers in Edineţ

Better conditions for future mothers and their babies. From now on, women from the Edineţ district will benefit from better conditions and halls adapted to current requirements. The Perinatological Center within the District Hospital was equipped with high-performance equipment worth $135,000, provided with the support of the UN Population Fund, reports Moldova 1.

"As you can see with the naked eye, the conditions are like in Europe and the equipment is the same. There was no repair when it was first born, now it is renovated, it is a new machine, everything at the highest level".

"It wasn't these devices. Now the conditions are better, not like the first birth".

Annually, over 1,200 births take place within the hospital premises.

"Here we have the lighting lamp for the operator, a monitor that monitors the patient's vital parameters. Pulse, blood pressure, breathing. There we have a ventilator, a vacuum cleaner that is necessary during surgery", said Vitalie Flocea, head of the Perinatal Center, Edineţ.

"We are proud to offer support to the Government to modernize maternity and birth conditions. This would mean a separate office for surgical interventions, other things necessary for newborn children", says Nigina Abaszada, UNFPA representative.

The donation will contribute to the reduction of maternal and infant mortality indicators in the Republic of Moldova and will increase women's access to quality services.

"It is very important for the children who are born here: to have everything they need, a better life and to survive. Here's why we do it. They are very happy that we are doing this," stated Kent D. Logsdon, US Ambassador in Moldova.

"This equipment corresponds to the highest international standards. The equipment is actually the most important help for doctors in saving lives, in receiving a birth at the level of all standards", said Ala Nemerenco, the Minister of Health.

Prime Minister Natalia Gavriliţa, present at the event, declared that the joint effort of the authorities, as well as external partners, will ensure the creation of European conditions in all maternity hospitals in the country.

"Working together, the Central Government, the local authorities, together with our friends, with our development partners, we will be able to have as many such projects as possible that will really improve people's lives, in this case, the lives of mothers in Edineţ", mentioned Natalia Gavriliţa, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova.

The total value of the equipment delivered by UNFPA to medical institutions is $2.4 million. Thus, by the end of the year, 22 delivery rooms, 14 operating rooms, 35 patient rooms and 8 intensive care rooms for newborns and mothers will be fully equipped. In this way, approximately 15,000 children will be born in safer conditions.

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