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26 Nov. 2022 / 12:01

Bogdan Aurescu, about the crises facing the Republic of Moldova: "Some are artificially generated"

The Republic of Moldova is facing multiple hybrid attacks, which take the most varied forms, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bogdan Aurescu, in an interview for Agerpres. According to him, it is about overlapping and artificially generated crises, and their purpose is to derail the course of reforms and European integration assumed by the government team and President Maia Sandu.

The head of diplomacy from Bucharest said that one of these crises is generated by the reduction by Gazprom, every month, of the volumes of natural gas delivered to the Republic of Moldova.

In the context of the upcoming meeting of Foreign Ministers from NATO member countries, which will take place in Bucharest next week, Bogdan Aurescu emphasized that it is "the first time that the Republic of Moldova is invited to such a format", which "confirms the importance that the allies pay it to the stability of the Republic of Moldova, especially in these difficult moments for Chisinau".

He mentioned that the Alliance implements a series of projects aimed at strengthening the resilience and preparedness capacities in the field of civil emergencies of the Republic of Moldova.

Bogdan Aurescu emphasized that Romania will continue to be "a responsible and active contributor" to the promotion of Euro-Atlantic security and stability, including as regards the Republic of Moldova.

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