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26 Nov. 2022 / 09:38

Andrei Spînu admits the electricity tariff increase, but declares that the Government will grant compensations

The Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Andrei Spînu, claims that it is complicated to estimate what will be the situation in the energy sector in the Republic of Moldova in the next period, in the context in which Russia is bombing Ukraine, and our country is forced to buy electricity from the market . During a show on TV8, the official admitted that there could be an increase in the electricity price of more than 7 lei per kw/h, but these rates will be compensated by the Government for a certain category of citizens, Radio Moldova reports.

"Taking into account that we no longer procure electricity from MGRES and buy it from the market, compared to 65 percent from OPCOM, the Romanian commodity exchange, it is very difficult to accurately estimate what could happen in the next period . Even eventually, these rates will be compensated for the most vulnerable, by 3.7 lei or 3.3 lei depending on how ANRE will determine. Respectively, for the first 75 KW/h in which many consumers fall, the tariff will be much lower than the regulated one. As long as Russia bombards Ukraine once every two weeks with more than a hundred missiles, I can accept anything in this sector," said Andrei Spînu.

We remind that "Premier Energy" requests an increase in the current tariff of up to 6.38 lei per KW/hour, and FEE-Nord requests an increase in the price up to 5.68 lei per kWh. ANRE will meet next week to set the date of the meeting to examine the requests.

We remind you that the current price paid by consumers in the center and south of the country, who are served by Premier Energy, is 4.77 lei/kWh (without VAT), and consumers in the north of the country, served by FEE-Nord, pay 4. 81 lei /kWh (without VAT). This tariff has been applied since November 4, when the last increase in the electricity tariff took place.

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