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26 Nov. 2022 / 14:19

Six border crossing points with Ukraine resumed their activity

UPDATE 14:19: The Border Police informs that the six border crossing points of the Republic of Moldova with Ukraine, which interrupted their work schedule in the morning of today, have resumed their activity, after the connection of electricity on the territory of Ukraine.

Six border crossing points between the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine have temporarily suspended their activity. These are PTF Vulcăneşti-Vinogradovca, PTF Mirnoe-Tabaki, PTF Ocniţa-Sokireanî, PTF Cişmicioi-Dolinscoe, PTF Basarabeasca-Serpniovoe and PTF Ceadâr Lunga-Novîe Traianî.

According to an informative note issued by the Border Police, the reason for the non-operation is the disconnection of electricity on the Ukrainian side, following the attacks of the Russian Federation on Ukraine.

In this context, the border police recommend traffic participants to choose other crossing points in the vicinity.

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