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27 June 2022 / 20:07

CEC: The internet voting system has been approved

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) approved, during the meeting on Monday, June 27, the Concept of the online voting system "e-Voting".

According to the CEC, internet voting is a process of exercising the right to vote through an accessible platform on the Internet, using a means of electronic voter identification.
Like traditional paper voting, online voting is done in 2 steps: identifying the voter based on an identity card compatible with electronic identification systems and expressing the option to vote.

The Internet voting system aims to provide the citizens of the Republic of Moldova with an alternative voting tool, so that the electoral process becomes more accessible, inclusive, safe and innovative. It is intended for all citizens of the Republic of Moldova, wherever they are, and a specific objective of this voting method is to ensure access to the electoral process for citizens who have difficulty moving to the polling station.

The decision adopted by the CEC will be submitted to the Government and Parliament of the Republic of Moldova for examination.

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