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14 Oct. 2022 / 11:25

Today is the last day of electoral campaigning for the new local elections on Sunday

The Central Electoral Commission warns that today is the last day on which electoral campaigning actions are allowed for the new local elections, which will take place this Sunday, October 16.

Under the provisions of the Electoral Code, electoral campaigning is strictly prohibited on election day and the day before it. During this period, it is not allowed for election candidates to appear on television or radio broadcasts. The prohibition does not apply to information already placed on the Internet and on previously displayed posters. Also, electoral contestants cannot make transfers to/from the account marked "Electoral Fund".

Continuation of electoral campaigning on the mentioned days by the media, electoral contestants and citizens constitutes an administrative offense and is sanctioned with a fine of 15 to 30 conventional units applied to the natural person or with a fine of 35 to 50 conventional units applied to the person with a position of responsibility or to the electoral competitor.

New local elections will be held in three localities in the country on Sunday, October 16. On October 13, the Central Electoral Commission started printing the ballots. The price of a ballot is 1.32 lei, the total value of the ballots for Sunday's new local elections in the 3 localities is 7,937.16 lei.

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