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10 Nov. 2022 / 08:11

"Cultural Voucher" national program, established by the Executive

The Cabinet of Ministers approved, in Wednesday's meeting, the project that provides for the establishment of the "Cultural Voucher" National Program.

According to the Government, the initiative is dedicated to young people who have turned 18 and who will receive an annual voucher worth 1000 lei, intended to facilitate their access to cultural products and services, such as theater performances, concerts, cinema productions , book purchases, etc.

The aim of the project is to encourage the consumption of culture among young people.

The functioning mechanism of the national Program "Cultural Voucher", developed by the Ministry of Culture in collaboration with the Agency for Electronic Government - responsible for the integration of the program within Mpay, will be launched and popularized starting on November 17, the International Students' Day.

By implementing this program, our country aligns itself with the best practices found at the European level. Countries like France, Italy, Germany or Slovakia promote similar initiatives, offering young people vouchers, vouchers or cultural coupons.

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