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Posted by: Bogdan Nigai

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24 Apr. 2022 / 14:05

How Moldovans celebrate Easter in Padua, Italy (AUDIO)

No matter where they are, our compatriots never forget the Moldovan holidays, customs and traditions. Thousands of Moldovan believers from Italy gather today around the holiday tables to tell themselves that Christ has risen. Father Vasile Şestovschi spoke about the Easter holidays in Padua, Italy, during the show "Letters for Home" on Radio Moldova.

"From all over northern Italy, our compatriots come to Padua, to our little church. Many Christians strive to come to the night service for Easter and the Lord's Resurrection. They prepare the pasca, paint the beautiful, traditional eggs as is done in our country, and come to the service of the Resurrection to sanctify them.”

According to the priest, being away from home brings Moldovans closer to God.

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