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12 June 2022 / 07:03

New elections in three localities in the Republic of Moldova. Over 6,500 voters are expected to vote

Citizens from three localities in the Republic of Moldova are to elect their mayor today in the second round of voting.

According to the Central Electoral Commission (CEC), the second round of the new elections will take place in Glinjeni village, Falesti district, Ghetlova commune, Orhei district and Zastânca village, Soroca district.

The first 2 candidates who gathered the highest number of votes in the elections of May 29, 2022 will be registered in the ballot papers.

The two candidates in the elections will be registered in descending order of the number of votes accumulated in the first round of elections. 6,538 voters are expected at the polls.

Polling stations will be open from 07:00 until 21:00.

Voting in the second round of the new local elections will be based on the same electoral rolls used in the first round.

We remind you that on May 29, new local elections were held in ten localities for the election of mayors and local councils.

In three of them, none of the candidates met 50% + 1, so the second round was set for June 12.

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