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26 Nov. 2022 / 17:14

Hospitals in the Republic of Moldova would be equipped with electricity generators. The details of the Minister of Health

The Republic of Moldova is to receive three electric generators from the UN agency for Refugees and another 13 from France. These are to be distributed to municipal and district hospitals of strategic importance, says Health Minister Ala Nemerenco in an interview for Ala Nemerenco said that currently out of the 59 hospitals in the country, only five are not provided with electricity generators.

"We are now signing the agreement with USAID for 25 generators. We discussed with the UN Refugee Agency, they offer us three generators and France is willing to offer us 13 more generators. At the moment, in the country we have only five hospitals that have absolutely nothing covered. There are hospitals that need generators, but they don't have resuscitation or operations departments".

The Minister of Health, Ala Nemerenco  said that on November 23, when there were massive power outages at the national level due to the Russian bombing of critical infrastructure in Ukraine, no major incidents were recorded in strategic hospital institutions. The only exception was in Balti, where manual connection of the generator was required.

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