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26 Nov. 2022 / 15:08

Domestic producers are looking for new markets amid the war in Ukraine

Due to the war launched by Russia against Ukraine and the embargo of the Russian Federation on Moldovan fruits, domestic producers are looking for new markets. An alternative in this sense is the Arab countries. Thus, since the beginning of this month, exports to the countries of the Persian Gulf have been gradually activated, say representatives of "MoldovaFruct". According to them, this alternative will boost the export of apples from our country.

The Arab market is a promising alternative for apple producers from the Republic of Moldova. Thus, since November, our country began to export quantities of Moldovan fruit to the countries of the Persian Gulf, and apple prices on these markets are gradually increasing.

However, at present, the delivery of larger quantities of apples takes a long time, as there are logistical problems, as a result of the war in Ukraine, said in an interview for Radio Moldova, the president of the Association of Fruit Producers and Exporters "MoldovaFruct", Vitalie Gorincioi.

"It is not very easy to organize the export. After the start of the war, we can no longer use the nearby ports. We are talking about the Odesa port, which was very convenient for us to export to the Arab countries. Now we have to ship the goods, first, to Constanţa, after which we transport them in containers and send them by sea to destinations. There are some arrangements. You have to find a buyer, who is ready to receive this production, to have the relevant documents. Now is the time for us to place our production on the Indian market."

Vitalie Gorincioi also says that five containers of apples are ready to be transported to India. The sample batch of 100 tons of apples to India is necessary to obtain a transport authorization from the Republic of Moldova. In order to export to India, producers from our country need international certification and must comply with certain sanitary requirements, and due to logistics problems, sea transport can take more than a month. At the same time, larger quantities of apples will be exported to Romania, but this will happen at the beginning of January 2023.

Previously, the Chisinau Government initiated negotiations with Egypt to allow the export of apples without customs duties. Thus, apples from the Republic of Moldova will soon arrive in the Land of the Pyramids.

We remind you that this year, the total production of apples is about 400 thousand tons, almost half less than in 2021. From July until now, the Republic of Moldova has exported over 30 thousand tons of apples, which represents less than 8 percent of the total production.

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